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"Salt of the earth : light of the world"

let’s get salty!

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Salt Therapy


    • active dry salt therapy
    • super absorbent and hygroscopic, acting as a ​sponge to attract foreign substances to the ​respiratory tract
    • anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammation in ​the respiratory tract and widen airway passages; a ​clean respiratory system naturally results in higher ​oxygen intake, increased energy, and an improved ​immune system
    • anti-bacterial, dissolving bacteria and pollutants ​lodged in the respiratory tract
    • aids adults and children alike, athletes, and animals
    • natural and safe with no known side effects
    • benefits people diagnosed with:
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • bronchitis
  • cold and flu
  • COPD
  • cystic fibrosis
  • emphysema
  • pneumonia
  • sinus infections
  • smoker’s cough
  • snoring & sleep apnea
  • stress & fatigue

Buy 4 sessions and receive a 5th session free!



Session Length


small salt room


20 minutes/$20

*per person

*Dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Red light Therapy


    • among the safest forms of phototherapy
    • enhances skin quality and hair growth
    • speeds wound healing and tissue repair
    • diminishes aging effects by supporting collagen production
    • reduces chronic pain by decreasing swelling and inflammation
    • penetrates deeper than other wavelength therapies
    • improves joint health, physical performance, and workout recovery times
    • enhances sleep quality and duration.


*Red Light Therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Research has not found any risks associated with RLT when pregnant, however, there is not enough research to declare it safe under all conditions. Circumstances differ so it's best to consult your doctor when starting a program during pregnancy

Buy 4 sessions and receive a 5th session free!

Young woman having red LED light facial therapy treatment in beauty salon. Beauty and wellness

salty yoga

Our salt rooms are designed to be peaceful places to ​allow the body to relax. The humidity, air circulation, and ​temperature are all carefully controlled to provide a calm ​and soothing environment. The negative ions in the salt ​allow your body to perform at its peak, one breath, one ​movement at a time. Combine salt and yoga to receive ​the most benefit for your bod​y

An article in Shape magazine explains that “Salty yoga also boasts [the benefits of halotherapy], combined with poses that help to build strength and flexibility in the primary and secondary muscles of respiration, thereby increasing—even more—breath capacity, oxygenation, endurance and performance.”

Space is limited Please call or email to reserve your spot in a class 814 803 0686 southernsalts1 gmail com

Class day/time

Yoga session



10 am

45 minutes/$55

*per person



10 am & 5:30 PM

45 minutes/$55

*per person



10 am

45 minutes/$55

*per person


Mats are available for an additional $1 to cover cost of cleaning

Group events

    • Our large salt room offers ​room for up to 10 people to ​enjoy a 45 minute salt ​session together.

    • Book your bridal shower, ​bachelorette party, birthday ​party and more in our large ​salt room.


Session Length



45 minutes/$40

*per person


45 minutes/$30

*per person


What our customers have to say:

”I slept so well and ​woke up feeling ​rested and ​refreshed.” --​Stacey F.

“Southern Salts services has helped me greatly by ​reducing general inflammation, chronic pain, relieving ​stress caused by daily life challenges and has improved ​my overall wellbeing. Additionally, I have increased ​energy which is something I can always use. I am so ​grateful that we have Southern Salts in our small town.” ​--Brenda E.

”I was feeling like I ​was coming down ​with something. I ​did one salt session ​and felt totally fine ​the next day!” --Alli ​S.


We've partnered with UnDone Kombucha out of Chambersburg, PA. Their mission aligns with ours perfectly and we are thrilled to offer their organic kombucha to you. Kombucha is widely known to benefit gut health. Have a glass during your session or take a growler to go.

Learn more about Undone Kombucha:


"The action of forming or process of being formed".

Owner, Stephanie Starr, grew up in Bedford County. After graduating from Frostburg State University, she moved south to warmer weather where she still resides along with her husband and 2 children. Everyone asks it so lets rip off the bandaid...why Bedford, PA?

In 2010 Stephanie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since her diagnosis, she has been passionate about finding natural ways to stay as healthy as possible. A couple of years ago she went to a friends salt spa and loved it. That night she had a vision, like a neon sign, about opening one in Bedford. She and her husband discussed, prayed and decided to go for it and see what would happen. Many have questioned the location since it is 10 hours from where they currently live in Wilmington, NC. However, the path has been laid and they said if it happens then God has taken care of it. If not, then He closed the door. (He kept the door open in case you wondered).

In her research of Salt Therapy, Stephanie learned about the incredible benefits of Red Light Therapy. Adding in organic Kombucha, which is great for gut health, means Southern Salts is offering complete wellness for everyone at every age.

While we believe in miracles, neither Salt or Light therapy are immediate fixes. Most people require multiple sessions and we will work with you on your personal health plan.

--Welcome to healthy.


"FEEL GOOD. DO GOOD. for good."

How we show up for you and for our community.

We are passionate about helping people, not just to ​be healthy, but to be helpful in all aspects of life. ​Our minister says we are to give our A.L.L. (Actual ​Lived Life) to God. Therefore, would love to help a ​family in need or partner with your charity ​organization. Please contact us for more ​information.

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"Our salt, therefore, stays salty only so long as we practice the good deeds we do in ​imitation of Christ – shining the light of God in and among our community and ​before the watching world." -Jesse Wheeler

meet our salty staff

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Stephanie Starr


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Geneen Roederer

business Manager

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Kennedy Pearson

LEAD Associate & ​Yoga instructor

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